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Sea urchin eggs
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Sea urchin eggs (paracentrotus lividus), in a natural liquid. Free from preservatives and colourings.

Ideal use
Hors d’oeuvre
First course
Main course

Sea urchin eggs, water, sea salt

Technical Data
Net Weight
Cardboard box
50 g
24  boxes
60 months

Directions and Serving Suggestions
As Is   Prepared

Sauté and lightly brown two cloves of garlic over low heat, removing them once they are golden. Drain the spaghetti while still "al dente" and toss in the pan, add the sea urchin eggs and gently mix together for a few seconds. Garnish with a pinch of chopped parsley and a twist of black pepper
Make some pea cream and make a thin layer of it on the serving plate. Grill the cuttlefish and place in the centre of the cream. Garnish with the sea urchin eggs.
Toast the crostini and dress them with a drizzle of oil and some rosemary. Place some sea urchin eggs in the centre of each.

Sales Notes
European provenance: the sea urchins are caught and processed in Spain (the most suitable area in Europe).
Raw material: only females of the paracentrotus lividus species are collected. The females can be recognized by their shape which is lightly flattened in the centre and by their colouring which ranges from violet to reddish brown.
The gonads are the eggs arranged in lines (max. 5) inside the urchin. Their colour can vary from orange to reddish purple, to olive green.
The urchins to be processed for Prontofresco are collected in compliance with regulations that safeguard the seabed and marina fauna, which stipulate that collection must be done exclusively by hand, avoiding mechanical instruments or trawling devices attached to boats. In particular, for industrial purposes, a limited number of urchins may be collected every day (3,000) and only of certain dimensions (minimum size 5cm in diameter excluding the quills). In addition the period for catching them is limited to the period from November to April.

1 portion of Pasta 16 g
1 Starter 10 g
3 servings
5 servings

Before opening: store in a cool dry place.
After opening: keep the product refrigerated in suitable hygienic conditions* and use within 1-2 days.
*always cover with a lid or film; use clean cutlery; leave the product exposed to the air as little as possible.
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