Fini gran selezione
Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva 100% Italiano - bottiglia 5 l
100% italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Code: 946     

Premium quality extra virgin olive oil, produced from an accurate selection and cold pressing of Cerasuola, Novellare and Biancolilla olives, hand picked when perfectly ripe and processed to preserve it precious qualities. The excellent lingering aroma an

Ideal use

Extra vergin olive oil (cultivar: Cerasuola, Nocellara, Biancolilla)

Technical Data
Net Weight
glass bottle
5 l
12 boxes
18 months

Directions and Serving Suggestions
As Is   Prepared

The product is perfect: both raw and for cooking; for light meals and substantial dishes

In cooking:
meat sauce, sauces dressing for first courses, braised and roast meats, game, grilled meat and fish. Superb for frying since this is an oil with optimum resistance to high temperatures.
on raw vegetables (Pinzimonio), bruschettas, pulse soups, mixed vegetables, meat or fish Carpaccio, shell-fish.

Sales Notes
A product that is one hundred per cent Italian: “Fini gran selezione” extra virgin olive oil can carry this declaration, not to be confused with the simple denomination “Italian product”, which can be used for products which contain a minimum of 70% Italian oil.
“Excellent quality oil”: defined thus after organoleptic tests and laboratory analysis
Oil obtained from autochthonous cultivation in Sicily: CERASUOLA: a variety cultivated exclusively to produce oil; its oil presents characteristics that are fairly strong but nonetheless harmonious and balanced with hints of artichoke. Optimum stability over time. NOCELLARA: a Sicilian variety of the fruit of a large size; the superb oil it yields is fruity and light. BIANCOLILLA: the name comes from the colouration the olive drupes assume when they have reached maturity (white and lilac); the oil obtained presents an aroma that is lightly fruity and delicate with a mild flavour
Cold pressed and naturally decanted: The phase to process the olives which allows a separation of the three components, the “sansa” (solid paste), the vegetation water and the oil, is done cold, i.e. keeping the temperature no higher than 27° to avoid oxidation phenomena and thus yield a top quality oil which maintains its organoleptic qualities over time (one of the factors which compromises the quality of an oil, firstly in the processing phase and then in the conservation of the finished product, is high temperature). Moreover, the natural decantation used preserves as well as possible the characteristics of flavour, colour and fragrance of the most esteemed varieties of olive.


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